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On this page I like to put my thoughts.  Just call me grandfather because I am just that.  Not really a very good grandfather, but a simple grandfather who truly wishes to be good and do good.  My thoughts are really not that grand, just the thoughts of a man who has discovered he is growing older and wants to share his simple ideas with other who may possibly be interested.  I am also very interested in the thoughts of anyone who wishes to take the time share them with me and if you so desire with others.  I do talk about God; however, not because I consider myself to be anybody special with great insights.   It is because I am discovering His great love and compassion for this foolish old man in spite of my ever so many failings to God, my family and my fellow man.  His mercy and compassion is unbelievable.  If God can love and forgive the likes of me, he can forgive and love you not matter how sinful and unworthy you are and think you are.

I have recently added links to what I consider key social issues and to a site where I am initiating an ambitious collaborated effort in authoring a book titled "Road to Peace". In my hunger for world peace and in alignment with the principles of the "Road to Peace", I would also like to see the organization titled "World Wide Federation of Small Businesses" energized. Maybe small businesses if they work together for the betterment of the world small business communities can transcend their respective governments and lay the ground work for world peace. That link is also listed below.

Links to Social Issues
Road to Peace
World Wide Federation of Small Businesses

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